Why You Should Learn Muay Thai for Self-Defence

by | Oct 12, 2020

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is arguably the best stand up striking discipline for self-defence. Also known as Thai boxing, Muay Thai is a martial art that strikes beyond the punches of boxing, the kicks of Taekwondo and the punches and kicks of kickboxing. A Muay Thai fighter is an all-round technician trained to maximise the use of all of his/her limbs for striking. Fists, elbows, knees and shins are all utilised. Muay Thai is eight limbs of potentially lifesaving destruction.

First Principles of Self-defence

Understand that everyone is vulnerable when caught in the chaos of a street fight. It’s unpredictable — and what’s especially unpredictable is your opponent. You don’t know what he knows. So, ideally, the best defence against a street opponent is to avoid any kind of confrontation. Get out of there if you can. Swallow your ego. But situations happen. And when running isn’t an option, you may need to stand your ground and defend yourself.

Strengths of Muay Thai

Fast and powerful strikes can shutdown an opponent or multiple opponents quickly. And that’s one strength of Muay Thai. Power strikes can take out more than one attacker and be delivered from a variety of angles and heights and distances. Also, there’s so many striking options available. And that makes Muay Thai undeniably effective.

Roundhouse Kicks to Thighs or Mid-section

Roundhouse kicks are a signature Muay Thai strike. Such kicks to the thighs or kidneys are brutally simplistic and therefore low risk. When receiving a roundhouse kick that’s been executed with proper hip rotation, it’s like getting hit with a baseball bat. Try absorbing a fierce roundhouse kick to the thigh muscles and remain standing

High Kicks and Pushkicks (teeps)

High kicks to opponents head or pushkicks are higher risk — you can lose balance or get your leg caught by opponent. Both scenarios can result in the fight going to the ground and thereby nullifying the striking effectiveness of Muay Thai.

Longe Range and Close Contact

Options are plentiful. And that makes Muay Thai so formidable. A Muay Thai proponent can bring the attack from varying distances — punches or kicks can be landed from the outside and elbows and knees do the damage inside. Additionally, the clinch can help control an opponent on the inside whilst delivering savage elbows and knees.

Final Words

Never forget that violence can be just around the corner and street encounters are not clean or neat. They can be ugly and bloody. And we all should be ready. For when the bad dude is in your face and on the verge of damage, you need to abandon thoughts of goodness. Be bad back. Make the call. You or him. And when you make that call, it significantly helps to have the skills of Muay Thai in your corner.

Train Hard. Train Smart.

Yours in Muay Thai,