What to Expect in Your First Beginner Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Lesson

by | Nov 8, 2020

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If you’re raw and untrained in grappling, your beginner Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lesson at TotalFighter fit will give you an introductory all-round perspective of the sport. We’ll cover:

  • the four components of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • executing a submission and submission escape
  • how to move around and control an opponent on the ground
  • controlling an opponent purely from the mount position and how to execute a bridge and roll 

Greet, Covid Measures and Explain First Lesson

After the orientation formalities and explaining simple hygiene rules such as no-shoes-on-the-training-mats, I’ll take your temperature and sanitise your hands (COVID precautions) as we discuss your training needs and the upcoming beginner brazilian jiu jitsu lesson. You’ll be made to feel safe and welcome. 

The Four Components of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be broken down into  four segments (assuming the bout or confrontation starts in a standing position).  

  1. Close the distance 
  2. Takedown 
  3. Assume a dominant position 
  4. Execute a finisher move or submission 

How to Execute a Submission and Submission Escape

The purpose of this exercise is simply to see if close-contact physical confrontation is for you. Some individuals are uncomfortable with another person super close and in their personal space. Not everyone is comfortable with grappling and close-quarter interaction. 

You’ll be shown how to execute a rear naked choke from standing position and then how to escape from a rear naked choke in standing position.

Additionally, this exercise teaches the importance and procedure of tapping out when submitted. In other words, you’re signalling to your opponent to release the submission hold. 

How to Move Around and Control an Opponent on the Ground

Initially, we’ll use a boxing bag (doubling as a body) on the floor as I demonstrate the drill and then guide you though the movements. 

This is called the ‘around the world’ drill. 

You will learn to flow from position to position — mount, dismount, side control, switch base and front control. Additionally, you’ll gain an appreciation of body positioning and how to make best use of your body weight to maximise discomfort to opponent. 

Then we’ll replace the boxing bag with my body as you undertake the drill again.

How to Control an Opponent on the Ground From the Mount Position and How to Execute a Bridge and Roll 

You’ll learn how to remain in contact and in control of your opponent from the mount position. This drill demonstrates how you can tire out and exhaust your opponent without inflicting damage upon him or her.

Lastly, we’ll look at the bridge and roll. This is an awesome self-defence escape technique that beautifully demonstrates the power of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu — how a smaller or weaker person can shift and move a bigger and stronger opponent through the use of leverage, timing and technique.


Your beginner Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lesson presents an overview of the grappling art. You’ll discover the power of Jiu Jitsu, learn the four components of Jiu Jitsu and gain an appreciation of the do’s and don’ts of grappling. Slow and flow are the operative words. as we introduce the super important basics in a sequential format aimed at maximising the learning process. 

Train hard. Train smart.

Yours in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,