What to Expect in Your First Beginner Boxing Lesson

by | Oct 28, 2020

TotalFighter fit wollongong

If you’re raw and untrained, your first lesson at TotalFighter fit will cover the foundation to your beginner boxing game. You will learn: stance, basic footwork, straight arm punches (the jab and cross) and basic defensive moves.

Greet, Covid Measures, Wrap Hands and Explain First Lesson

After the orientation formalities and explaining simple hygiene rules such as no-shoes-on-the-training-mats, I’ll take your temperature and sanitise your hands (COVID precautions) prior to wrapping hands and wrists as we discuss your training needs and the upcoming lesson. You’ll feel safe and welcome. 

Learn Sequentially 

Learning is sequential. One step at a time. Baby steps. To avoid developing any beginner boxing bad habits such as a high chin, low hands, dropping the non-punching hand as you strike, telegraphing the striking arm, fists clenched tightly in the stance etc the pace is purposely slow with attention to detail. Boxing is a fast movement sport but when putting on the gloves for the first time, the pace needs to be tempered as we focus on the right way to stand, move, punch and defend. Good habits are imperative. The entrenchment of these good habits can take a little effort and persistence but it’s important to start correctly and build confidence. Slow and steady and sure. After all, the tortoise defeated the hare.  

Bad habits can be hard to correct and change. Doing it right from the start will allow your beginner boxing skillset to evolve as time passes and improvement will happen through repetition and intelligent development of technique. Accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative. 

Learning Proper Technique vs Cardio Boxing 

Unless you’re specific needs are to work your fitness from the get go, the priority in the early stages of your training is technique. Pure and simple. Cardio enhancement will happen but not right away. Proper execution will best equip you for self-defence and reduce the chance of injury from punching incorrectly. Learning the skills, the right way to step and punch and defend and so on also makes for far more interesting and interactive training sessions. Rather than throwing punches wildly and randomly with little thought to correctness — we will engage your mind and work your body as you execute with precision, poise and timing. Making minor adjustments along the way to eradicate technique flaws. Once your foundation is in order, we will ramp it up and press the cardio accelerator. Technique and fitness is the goal. 


Your beginner boxing lesson is about making you feel comfortable and getting it right from the outset. Building your confidence and easing your nerves. Slow is the operative word as introduce the super-important basics in a sequential format aimed at maximising the learning process. 

Train smart. Train hard.

Yours in Boxing,