Values & Principles

V&P #I

Violence is the last resort. We train to improve health, overcome discontent and be the best that we can be. If need be, we confront the bully but never be the bully.


Protect yourself at all times.


Have high principles and be virtuous. Find compassion. Display gratitude. Cultivate inner calm via fight-fitness training, have concern for the wellness of others and help make society better.


It ain’t about talent. If the desire is deep enough, the mind will build rapport with the body and you’ll get there.

V&P #V

Don’t sit back, procrastinate and look for excuses. Commit. Commit to the challenges, energy and routine of fight-fitness training.


Basics. Basics will get you fit, keep you there and help protect you from the streetwise bruiser. Basics win every time.


Enjoy the process. When we enjoy, we return. Fitness should be challenging, smiles and enriching, not a mind-numbing chore or something to dread.


Choose the chaos of intensity. High intensity kills high anxiety. Train hard, turn down your volume and savour the inner quiet.


Think fluidity and “…be like water.” Bruce Lee.

…positive flow, forward momentum. Unstoppable.

V&P #X

Seek wisdom, stay humble and pursue clarity of thought. Get your grasshopper on and open your mind. Think Pai Mei, Mr Miyagi, Master Po, Obi Wan. There is much to learn and understand. There is much to be.


Be relaxed in mind and body. A rigid mind is resistant to growth and learning. A rigid body is easy to defeat.


Righteous rage. Train like a demon; defend thyself, loved ones and friends from the immoral. Above all, be a good human.

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