Woman self-defence

Street Survival Tips 101

It Can Happen

Never think… “It can’t happen to me.” “This isn’t really happening.” It can. There are victims daily and terrible things can happen with little or no warning. She/he who is unobservant or complacent is more likely to walk down a dark path.

Get Fit

Maintaining a high degree of fitness and health will allow you to flee with haste or fight back with continued venom.

Minimise Risk

Think situational awareness. This is an understanding of your environment and your situation.

  • Always keep an eye on people and places that surround.
  • Pocket the phone whilst walking
  • Pay attention to places where people can hide eg, bushes, stairways. Darkness is the best hiding place. Don’t walk alone at night especially in a dark alley or dark park.
  • Predators love shadows.
  • Don’t walk or jog with earphones in
  • Not all threats are readily identifiable and you can’t always see a threat coming. So awareness of potential danger can greatly reduce risk.

NB. Awareness is not about being fearful or paranoid. It’s a relaxed state of alertness that should build confidence.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Getting badly injured or killed over valuables or money? No! If you’re cornered, toss your purse or wallet on the ground. This can give you an opportunity to escape. Run.

Avoid Gangs of Youngsters

Bad energy is contagious, mob mentality can set in and the level of crime can escalate rapidly.

Drive Your Motor Vehicle ‘Courteously’

Nobody appreciates rude hand signs. Remember, eventually you have to stop, possibly to refuel. The unhinged might follow and seek retribution. Don’t make yourself a target to an aggressive driver.


Keep a safe distance from people that make you feel uncomfortable. Try to maintain a spacing of 3-5 feet from strangers who approach and may engage.

Look and Lock

Check the car seats before getting in.

Get Loud!

Carry an emergency whistle with you at all times. These are extremely loud and can take an attacker by surprise. If you’re approached or attacked, use your emergency whistle or shout and scream as loud as you can “Back off!” or “get away” etc. Getting loud can discourage those looking for easy prey.

Focus On Flight Not Fight

Escape wins every time. Run like your life depends on it (it may well do), yell if you can and don’t look back. Run Forest, run!

Don’t Be An Easy Victim

Don’t stand still, don’t be merciful and don’t let fear paralyse you. If violence is unavoidable, remember there are no rules. Fight like the devil. Kick/elbow/knee/punch, bite, scratch, eye gouge and throat strike etc. You may only get once chance and a fraction of a second to react, so don’t hesitate. To beat bad people sometimes you need to do bad things. Do whatever it takes. Become a bad ass bitch. Target the sensitive areas.

Sensitive or soft targets:

  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Nose
  • Throat
  • Groin
  • Fingers
  • Toes


In the event of attack use your fingernails to gouge your attacker’s face. You will then have his / her DNA under your nails.

Last Resort

Play possum. If overpowered, truly trapped or exhausted, feign compliance. He / she may loosen their grip (thinking you’ve given up) and give you a chance to injure him / her and escape.

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