Mini/Young Warriors

we say no to bullying

You’re not alone if your child has or is being bullied at school.
From primary to high school, 1 in 4 Australian students have reported being bullied.

Bullying can make your child feel alone, unsafe, afraid, stressed etc These dark feelings can lead to school avoidance, poor educational outcomes and psychological scarring.

Bullying IS a serious problem


TotalFighter fit has received many queries from parents re: do we offer specific training for bullied children. The answer is YES!

Mini Warriors (age <13yr) & Young Warriors (teenagers) are programs that take elements from Boxing, Muay Thai & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (in addition to general self-defence moves) to best equip your child against an aggressor.

The training is designed to improve your child’s resilience, self-confidence, skills and fitness.

MINI WARRIOR & YOUNG WARRIOR … cos everyone deserves to feel confident AND safe

NB. Certificates of Competency for executing & understanding moves and strikes will be presented to your son or daughter. Effort and endeavour should be rewarded.

Please be aware that an important facet of any self-defence training is an understanding that violence is the last resort. If need be, however, we may have to stand our ground and confront the bully but never be the bully.

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mini warrioe wollongong