Boxers use footwork to avoid getting hit and to position themselves in a suitable position to execute a punch or combo. Think flight or fight. On the balls of each foot, light and nimble. Ready and waiting.

Don’t be flat-footed

Don’t slide

Don’t cross your feet over

Footwork to better your position starts with understanding how to move both forward and backward. If a boxer wishes to move forward, the lead foot will move first and he/she will push off the back foot. Conversely, if a boxer needs to move back, it’s the opposite. The rear foot will move first and he/she will push off the front foot. Importantly, when moving try to maintain your fight stance, don’t cross the feet over (especially when learning. There are footwork moves that involve crossing the feet but that is for more experienced boxers) and don’t slide. Stepping little steps is quicker. Every millisecond counts when retreating from an oncoming gloved missile or looking to advance your position to land a strike of your own. Remember, float like a butterfly.

“There’s more to boxing than hitting. There’s not getting hit, for instance.”

George Foreman