Start with feet together. If you’re right handed, take one step backward with your right leg. (Left handers do the opposite). Your feet should be at least shoulder width apart with the big toe on the front or lead foot in line with the rear or back heel. Think heel to toe alignment. This staggered stance helps you maintain balance and allows for hip rotation which is necessary to maximise punching power. Don’t be flat or heavy footed. Body weight is ideally distributed evenly between the ball on each foot, ready to quickly step or pivot. Knees should be ‘soft’ and slightly bent for agility and strength in the stance. Lead shoulder should be turned to face opponent whilst rear shoulder is partially hidden.

Elbows should be under the shoulders and ‘in’ or close to the rib cage to protect against low hooks or body shots.
Weight should be evenly distributed on both feet.

good stance makes you a small a target as possible — without compromising solidity or balance — and enables hip rotation in both straight and bent arm punches. Lastly, comfortably tuck the chin and hold your relaxed hands at cheekbone height to protect face.

A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t.

Jack Dempsey