Boxing for Fitness, Mental Clarity and Self-defence

by | Sep 14, 2020

Boxing Wollongong

Three of the big hitting reasons to start boxing are the fitness, mental clarity and self-defence benefits that come with the sport.

Boxing Ain’t Just for Boxers

Now, to be honest, boxing hasn’t just burst onto the scene. It ain’t brand new. It’s been here for a while. Perhaps since the era of the Egyptians so purely from a longevity perspective that’s commendable. And it’s aged well.

Over time, the sport has evolved and become accessible to the masses. Sure it’s superstars earn mega dollars on the big stage as they slip, duck, roll and counterpunch for the big titles. But that’s not what most of us are about or capable of doing. So whether we’re fighting for a title or fighting for our health, we can still train like a boxer.

Somewhere along the way, someone savvy in the sport and recreation sphere, clued up and adapted ring boxing to fitness boxing. Genius! Necessarily , they removed the likelihood of busted noses, black eyes and bruised ribs. Because, unlike its much older and conventional brother, fitness boxing is mouth guard and headgear free. Gloves are still required but they’re used to hit pads not heads. Pad work punching is boxing without the fear of getting hit. It’s “boxing” but not boxing. You will huff and puff but you won’t bleed.


For the uninitiated, boxing works the arms and shoulders and that’s about it. The enlightened “initiated” know better. For those that have been taught correctly, punches start at the feet and work through the hips as you rotate through the movement. You’re using your entire body as you punch (not just your arms) and that is super-fatiguing. Even 60 seconds on the pads will get your heart racing. The further attraction of pad work boxing is you can vary the tempo to individualise the training.

Warning, it can be hard work. The punching sequences and combinations can speed up and slow down — you never know what’s coming next. A jab, a cross, an uppercut or hook etc

The Best Stress Reliever

Cardio-intensive exercise of all descriptions releases endorphins and that in itself makes you feel good. Experiencing the runner’s “high” etc But for those pursuing mega stress relief and mental clarity, you have to try boxing. When you nail that tricky combination or hit the sweet spot on the pad with a single punch, it’s massively empowering. It feels good — just hearing that satisfying thud will make you want to come back for round 2!

All you need do is bring your anger, pent-up frustrations and anxiety along to boxing training and let the punches and combinations do their magic as you focus on the jab or body hook and let go of the bad stuff in your head. Sure, you’re going to be sweaty and tired at the end but your mind will feel clearer and lighter. You engage the brain to help the brain. Boxing thoughts displacing the mental junk that we accumulate daily.


Boxing is a martial art. Therefore it can be used to protect thyself from aggressive others. If you train correctly and consistently you’ll gain skills that can serve you well in times of need. You’ll learn how to rotate your forearms, to use the power in your legs and importantly how to breathe as you punch. And lots more. On your toes — light and agile and not flat-footed — you’ll keep a high guard to protect your face and land those uppercuts and hooks with precision. You can beat the bully.

Injury Prevention

Your hands and wrists can take a beating so it’s important to use wrist wraps every session.

Train hard. Train smart.

Yours in Fitness, Mental Clarity and Self-defence,