Boxing Benefits: 8 Reasons to Box

by | Feb 28, 2019

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Boxing training has so many benefits. Vigorous and challenging, it’s a full body workout that asks questions of your stamina, co-ordination, reflexes and heart. And most importantly it’s fun. The majority of people who put the gloves on for the first time and hit the focus mitts have fun and they return for a second helping. At the end of the day, fitness should be something to look forward too and not a chore to dread. So get your gloves on and experience the many benefits of boxing.

1) KO Calories

Boxers are notoriously shredded with many having abs like a BBQ grill. Why? The physically demanding training can burn 800 calories an hour. Throwing punches and continuously moving recruits the entire body and involves bursts of very intense activity. Boxing really delivers.

2) Super Fitness

Throwing leather is serious huffing and puffing stuff! Its massively taxing on the heart and lungs and can leave you in a lather of sweat in no time. Go box today, you know it’s super good for you.

3) Lifts you Up (mood booster)

Boxing can be your pressure relief valve. Your training partner / gym / activity / trainer should be someone/something that excites and stimulates and encourages and challenges and keeps you accountable. Boxing covers all of those bases. A good trainer should have you moving, punching, blocking etc Keeping you in the zone and releasing all that pent-up aggression and built-up energy!

4) Abs

Yes, yes, I know, punching and blocking and slipping and ducking and rolling etc won’t develop ab strength. But think for a moment; how many boxers have you seen with poor or weak abs? A session on the training pads is often best finished with a core workout. You’re feeling good, already a little endorphined and energised, and wanting to do what’s right for your core.

NB. With core exercises, focus on the mind to muscle connection and keep the movements slow and controlled

5) Balance and co-ordination

The good news is you don’t have to be co-ordinated and balanced to box. With practice and persistence of the movements, stand-alone punches and combinations, you’ll develop footwork and co-ordination and grace – a badass “dancer!”

6) Never Stop Learning

A fitness routine can become, well er routine. Not boxing. Boxing will keep you on your toes and focussed…the time will fly! Trying to master the numerous combinations will keep you learning and improving.

7) Confidence

Boxing challenges and builds confidence. Learning how to defend and block, developing punching power and the ability to punch properly will do serious wonders for your confidence. Don’t just take my word for it.. the proof is in the doing!

 8) Self-defence Skills

Good boxing training will teach you offence and defence that can be used in unsafe and dangerous situations. You’re developing skills whilst breaking a sweat. How good is that?

The many benefits of boxing will pacify your mind and stress the body (in a good way). Make boxing a part of your fitness program and go box today! Happy training!

Yours in Boxing,