1. Learn the Foundation

The foundation is the boxing apprenticeship that should be completed before the flair and flamboyance is pursued.

Beginner boxer asks a coach: 

Q: “How do I become a good boxer?”

A: “Learn the stance and footwork and you’re halfway there.”

This skillset that should form the core of beginner training is:

Take the time to learn these core modules and complete your boxing apprenticeship. Don’t rush. Be sequential and thorough. 

2. Relax and Don’t Forget to Breathe

A relaxed boxer is a fast boxer. A rigid and tense boxer is mechanical and slow. Additionally, tense and tight muscles use more fuel and tire quicker than relaxed and loose muscles. It’s super important to save your fuel for when you really need it. Such as moving quickly to execute or avoid a punch. So keep those knees slightly bent, shoulders should be ‘low’ and loose and hands relaxed until that tiny moment before hitting your target. Avoid clenching your fists tightly in your gloves.

The key to boxing is relaxation

We all know it’s hard to relax when nervous or when learning a new skill. Breathing properly will help significantly. Learn how to breathe like a boxer.

3. Eliminate Unnecessary Movement

Unnecessary movement such as nervous or jittery little steps serve little function other than to waste valuable fuel. 

Twitchy erratic moves serve no purpose 

Once again, save your fuel for when you really need it. When you have to move, move with purpose and move decisively.

4. Shadow Box

Practicing your skills in front of a mirror is highly beneficial in correcting technique flaws. Mirrors do not lie. 

Shadow boxing is one word — practice 

Visualise punches coming at you and move your head and body accordingly. Similarly, throw single punches and combinations at an imaginary opponent. 

NB. Be mindful not to hyperextend the arms when shadow boxing.

5. Eyes Open and Don’t Flinch

Always keep your eyes open so you can see the direction of the punch aimed at you. 

Don’t close your eyes when a boxing glove is coming at your face 

A safe and damage-free way to train is to use pool noodles with your trainer. You will develop the confidence to keep your eyes open. 

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